Carpenfer was founded in 1970 by Mr. Luciano Folloni, and has been wisely managed by Mr. Gianpaolo Folloni until 2006. It is still under the full control of Folloni's family. Carpenfer has been working with the major global manufacturers producing medium-heavyweight structural components for tractors, earth-moving machines, lifting equipment, asphalting machines and industrial vehicles. We are proud to say that our expertise and reliability have greatly contributed to the success of our clients' projects.

Carpenfer's four production units cover an area of 49,000 m², of which 21,000 m² are indoors. Our clients have a leading role in their own projects, which take shape thanks to our highly sophisticated technologies and the know-how we have accumulated in more than 50 years of activity. All this guarantees optimal control over of our manufacturing process that includes: design and construction of our own tools, laser cutting, press-bending, assembling, robotised and manual welding, calibrating and straightening, machining, painting and packaging. Moreover, our packaging and delivery methods are based on the specific requests of our clients.