The perfect synthesis of competence, high capabilities, continuous innovation and culture of quality characterize all our production departments which can count on highly specialized personnel.
To satisfy all flexibility needs, we use: 4 Trumpf laser systems (up to 5 kW of power) with automatic warehouses with a total capacity of 500 positions for unattended operation.

Carpenfer S.p.A. is able to process medium-heavy mechanical carpentry details (with thicknesses from 3mm to 70mm) having a Trumpf numerically controlled bending department, mechanical and hydraulic presses up to 1000 tons.
The tooling department uses advanced solid modeling systems (CAD) which allow us to design and create any type of equipment with timely efficiency, alongside the Prototypes department which realizes every idea of the Customer.
The robotic welding department is based on an exclusive ABB FMS system, made up of 4 robotic islands and an automatic warehouse with 86 positions for unattended processing, in addition to 11 robots for manned pallet loading/unloading and all the stations of support spot welding.

The details that require mechanical machining are completed on numerically controlled (CNC) machining centers.
For the painting of the products, the last phase of the production process, Carpenfer S.p.A. uses 1 system that develops a cycle that includes: sandblasting, washing, phosphodegreasing, washing, drying, application of water-soluble primer, firing of the primer, application of water-soluble enamel up to the final firing oven.

For all customer needs, we have finishing and assembly stations to complete the details with all the required components and provide a semi-finished product.
Furthermore, to transform every customer's idea into reality with maximum transparency and trust, our technical office, based on an intense co-design and co-processing activity, supported by the use of three-dimensional CAD, works in partnership with optimal results in terms of efficiency both for the Customer and for Carpenfer itself.