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    Mag Welding

    We offer our clients the best solutions for their welding applications. 

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    We Improve Processes
  • We Design Reliability

    We design reliability

    We know how

    We design, development and manufacture our reliability.

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    We Design Reliability
  • High Quality Technology

    High precision

    Laser technology.

    Laser technology applied to the cutting of sheet metal allows for highly precise work and the creation of any type of two-dimensional shape.

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    High Quality Technology
  • Tractors

    1970 - From its beginning, Carpenfer s.p.a. has been specialising in the manufacturing of cut/bent/welded components in medium-weight sheet metal that make up the front, back and central parts of tractors. We have been focusing on the development of cab supports, strut supports and front hitches.


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  • Telehandlers

    2005 - A new product family was introduced in 2005, when Carpenfer began making components for telehandlers, which are aerial work platforms. www.m4n.co  We have focused our attention on the manufacturing of steering pivots, quick hitches and extension arms for these innovative machines. 

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  • Earth Moving Machine

    1985 - In the mid 1980s, thanks to the high quality level of its products, Carpenfer s.p.a. moved into a second market segment, that of earth moving machines. We specialise in the manufacturing of digger arms for compact excavators, oil cooler frames and drawbars.


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  • Asphalting Machines

    2009 - Thanks to its long-term experience in the frames sector, Carpenfer s.p.a. expanded into its fifth market segment in July 2009 and began manufacturing main frames for asphalt paving steamrollers. These products are shipped in reusable containers and are delivered to final clients already fully painted including E-coat priming.

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  • Lifting Equipment

    1998 - Carpenfer moved into its third market sector, lifting equipment, in the late 1990s. To meet this challenge, we chose to invest and specialise in the manufacturing of base frames, which are much larger and more complex than any we have previously manufactured. Today, thanks to our innovation and dedication, Carpenfer s.p.a. is recognised as a leader in this sector throughout Europe.

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  • Combine Harvester

    2013 – Carpenfer enters into the sector of combine harvester supplying important components, which link the transmission (gearbox) to the axle. This sector is definitely growing due to the global population growth, which promotes the production and the sale of machineries for the satisfaction of basic needs such as nutrition. This sector is one of the main strategic and commercial goals, which Carpenfer is going to reach in the period 2014 / 2017. 

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