1970 - From its beginning, Carpenfer s.p.a. has been specialising in the manufacturing of cut/bent/welded components in medium-weight sheet metal that make up the front, back and central parts of tractors. We have been focusing on the development of cab supports, strut supports and front hitches.


Tractors are a fundamental tool for people who work the land and harvest it fruits. These machines are used in agriculture to tow trailers or attach specific farming equipment. Over time, tractors have modernised to meet the needs of their users and accommodate new types of equipment offering a wider range of applications. The introduction of new features (e.g. power transmission and four-wheel drive) and attachments (e.g. hydraulic pickups), have widened the tractor's horizons making it the agricultural machine par excellence.

In this sector, component reliability and strength are fundamental and Carpenfer s.p.a. is the perfect partner for quality and indestructibility.