Lifting Equipment

1998 - Carpenfer moved into its third market sector, lifting equipment, in the late 1990s. To meet this challenge, we chose to invest and specialise in the manufacturing of base frames, which are much larger and more complex than any we have previously manufactured. Today, thanks to our innovation and dedication, Carpenfer s.p.a. is recognised as a leader in this sector throughout Europe.

2009 - Carpenfer began supplying fully painted frames with various types of primer, in particular E-coat, based on client requests.

2010 - Carpenfer began supplying components to its clients in coordination with their assembly line sequence (JIS), thereby optimising storage space management and reducing warehouse costs for both.

Lifting equipment was first employed in the 1920s, however, its popularity spread with the use of pallets at the end of World War II. The evolution in this sector over the years has been remarkable and has led to the application of modern technologies in the areas of performance, safety, ergonomics and operator comfort.

Some significant innovations include protective shells for operator cabs, power steering, automatic transmission and electronic applications for the management of main operations.